BAe Dynamics Sea Eagle Anti-ship missile

Anti-shipping missile was developed under the designation P3T and was a follow-on to the Active Radar Martel project. Sea Eagle was originally fitted to RAF Bucanneer and Tornado types, but can now be fitted to Merlin, Sea King, Sea Harrier and Jaguar. Some variants of the Hawk can carry Sea Eagle. Sea Eagle is sea-skimming, powered by a Microturbo turbojet and fitted with an armour piercing warhead for use against the new generation of Soviet warships.

For helicopter launch, Sea Eagle is fitted with a pair of boost rocket motors. A longer ranged version, Golden Eagle, was intended to use an imaging Infra-Red seeker and datalink, but was cancelled.

The example in the photograph is on display at the Bristol Collection at Kemble Airfield. Note that the two lower wings are missing.

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