Red Dean Air to Air missile

Red Dean was an active homing heavy AAM, to Operational Requirement 1105. It was intended to arm the large supersonic fighters on the drawing board to meet OR.329 such as the thin wing Javelin and Fairey Delta III.

Red Dean was fitted with a X-band seeker, which was also to be used on the Green Cheese anti-ship missile. Development of Red Dean was preceded by the construction of the WTV5 test vehicle that was used to perfect the aerodynamics and the installation on Falcon and Buzzard rocket motors.



Red Dean was cancelled in June 1956 and its replacement, Red Hebe, was cancelled in 1957 with the OR.329 interceptor.

The view at right shows the large active seeker fitted to Red Dean. The missile was flight tested by Vickers on a modified Canberra bomber. Its cancellation left the UK with no UK developed radar guided AAMs for its fighters until the Skyflash semi-active AAM arrived on the scene in the late 1970s with the RN F-4K and M Phantoms and later, Tornado. F-4 Phantoms originally used AIM-7 Sparrow AAMs.


The photos show a development Red Dean that is on display at the Aerospace Museum, RAF Cosford.

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