Fairey Green Cheese Air to Surface missile

Originally known as Fairey Project 7, Green Cheese was developed in the 1950s to OR.1123 and intended for use mainly on Buccaneers. Green Cheese was a modified Blue Boar casing fitted with the X-band seeker from a Red Dean air-to-air missile. A cut-down Smokey Joe boost/sustainer motor provided the stand-off range. The Red Beard nuclear warhead was also intended to be fitted to Green Cheese, but this was dropped due to the AWE desire to have a common warhead for Green Cheese, Blue Water and for the Bloodhound III.

Weighing in at 3800lbs (1724Kg), Green Cheese was too heavy to be carried by the Fairey Gannet. The seeker had to be exposed to acquire the target and since the Buccaneer and the Gannet had an internal bombay, the missile had to be lowered before acquiring the target. This was a particular problem with the Gannet as Green Cheese required a mechanism to lower the weapon, whereas the Buccaneer had a rotating bombay.

Green Cheese showed promise, but was essentially scuppered by cost over-runs and weight, being cancelled in 1956. The ultimate version, with Improved capability, was called Cockburn Cheese and was intended to be in service from 1962. Cockburn Cheese was named after the PDSR(G) Dr Robert Cockburn. The replacement for Green Cheese was called Green Flash, but again was cancelled in favour of tossed Red Beard.

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