Gamma rocket motor

The Armstrong Siddeley (later Bristol Siddeley) Gamma powered various British rocket projects in the 50s and 60s, particularly the Black Arrow and Black Knight boosters. It was based on a development engine that had been built at the Rocket Propulsion Establishment (RPE) at Westcott.

Gamma was a HTP/Kerosene-fueled four-chamber engine. Each chamber was more of less the smaller chamber from an Armstrong Siddeley Stentor engine used on the Blue Steel standoff missile. The Gamma 201 was used on Black Knight, whereas the Gamma 301 was used in Black Arrow and Black Knight



The example in the photo is on display at the Museum of Flight at East Fortune.


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Another variant of the Gamma motor was the Double Gamma. This example is on display at the National Space Centre at Leicester.

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