De Havilland Blue Streak Medium Range Ballistic Missile

This missile was cancelled just as it was showing promise in 1960. Blue Streak was to be the UK's deterrent force, to meet Operational Requirement OR.1139. The warhead for the MRBM was possibly the 1Mt Orange Herald.

Initially surface launched, but intended for silo launch at a later date. Never deployed as a weapon, Blue streak was carried on as a satellite launcher. As such it had the best reliability of any launcher. With additional stages Blue Streak was developed into the Europa launcher for the European Launcher Development Organisation, ELDO.





Rolls-Royce developed the RZ.2 rocket engine for Blue Streak. The RZ.2 was based on an American design with many improvements that enhanced the engine's efficiency and reliability. Reliability was most important, as launch failures were frequent and embarrassing. De Havilland and Rolls-Royce set up a test facility on Spadeadam Waste, where complete vehicles could be test fired on the ground.

The photos show the Blue Streak and RZ2 engine as displayed in the Museum of Flight at East Fortune. A further example of Blue Streak in launch position is on display at the National Space Science Centre at Leicester.

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