Blue Boar Air-to-Surface missile


Blue Boar was worked up by Vickers to meet OR.1059 for a TV guided air-to-surface missile, but guided bomb was probably a better description. The warhead was to be similar to that for the Blue Bunny atomic demolitions weapon in that it was a modified Blue Danube physics package. Blue Boar was originally called Journey's End and could be seen as a Vickers precursor to Blue Steel. It was to allow the bomber a degree of stand-off, in the hope that a heavily defended target would not need to be overflown.

Blue Boar was cancelled because it was too heavy for naval aircraft and, probably more importantly, its TV guidance was of limited use due to cloud cover. There's a lot of cloud over Russia. However the casing was later used for the Green Cheese anti-ship missile, which was extended to accommodate an EMI radar seeker and a cut down Smokey Joe rocket motor.

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